UtiliWorks is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in providing professional services in the electric, water, and gas utility space. Together with our clients, UtiliWorks advances business and technology solutions that strategically enhance utility operations. We focus on the delivery of your technology system and the requisite business process changes that will drive performance throughout your organization. Our people, processes, and analysis tools work in conjunction to lower cost, reduce risk, and ensure benefits capture for your technology implementation.

Founded in 2005, UtiliWorks has worked with utilities across the United States and abroad as they evaluate the technological and operational changes necessary to modernize. The secret is in our staff, made up of a dedicated group of professionals with deep roots in the utility industry. We leverage the skills and expertise of a diverse mix of engineers, project managers, financial experts, and system integrators.

The guiding principle behind the success of our work is The UtiliWorks Advantage™, a proven methodology for assessing and delivering technology projects for our utility clients. The Advantage provides for close collaboration between our team and yours, with frequent checkpoints to assure that our consultative services are suiting your needs. All the while, UtiliWorks identifies project business drivers and critical success factors for technology implementation.

We also identify associated business process changes that must occur in order to maximize the benefits of a technology implementation. In order to identify your utility’s improvement potential, UtiliWorks has developed a Web-based technology assessment and analysis tool, UtiliWorks Insight™. This helps you understand and evaluate specific performance gaps and improvement opportunities.

Working in conjunction with your team, we can create an optimum solution tailored to your unique environment because we do not associate our recommendations with a particular technology and we have no vendor affiliations. Rather, we focus our efforts on applying the technologies and methods that best fit your environment.