Advance Your Career With UtiliWorks

UtiliWorks is a growing company in an advancing industry. As opportunities within the utility space increase, so does our potential for expansion. UtiliWorks has a clear view of the skills that we want to build in our organization. UtiliWorks is actively seeking people with talent and character to fulfill the following positions:

  1. Business Process Associate. Click here to read the full job description.
  2. Senior Associate/Project Manager. Click here to read the full description.
  3. Technical Analyst. Click here to read the full description.
  4. Project Manager. Click here to read the full description.

Please e-mail us at inquire about the positions.

The UtiliWorks Employee Advantage:

At UtiliWorks, we believe in empowering the individual to achieve personal goals while leveraging their unique contribution to the company’s success. UtiliWorks provides the following to our team members:

  • A company with a clear strategy and vision for the future
  • Competitive salaries
  • A comprehensive benefits package which includes health, dental and vision care
  • Challenging work and the potential for career advancement
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Internal training programs
  • An environment where respect, satisfaction and hard work are valued