Strategic Planning

UtiliWorks will work with you to evaluate the potential opportunity that might exist given your utility’s unique operating characteristics. We will initiate the engagement by looking at a number of elements, including:

  • Review of the desired goals that would result from the technology implementation
  • Review of the case for change, driver(s) for change and overall value proposition
  • Review potential programs and identification of key sources of the value proposition
  • Identification of potential sources of system gaps and opportunities that could support your utility’s vision.

“UtiliWorks personnel are very easy to work with, knowledgeable in subject matter, and helped keep our project on track.”

– Eddy Hernandez, Brownsville Public Utilities Board, Brownsville, TX

The roadmap we develop with you will be a pragmatic migration path to realize benefits by incorporating stakeholders, processes and technology capabilities integral to the implementation. UtiliWorks will help you recognize the resources that your utility will need to be successful. We will guide you in identifying the new roles that will need to be filled, and positions that can be reallocated.

By working with UtiliWorks on your strategic planning, you will uncover the major projects, budgets and recommended sequencing of project events. The program elements will be based on our analysis and meetings with your utility’s stakeholders.

UtiliWorks will help you to solidify your goals, and ensure a path to achieve them.