Business Process Reengineering

When implementing a new technology within your utility, these questions might come to mind:

  • Do we have the business procedures and policies in place to accommodate this new technology?
  • Am I certain that we will be able to maximize the benefits that serve as the basis for the project?
  • Is our staff ready to use the new system immediately once it is deployed?

UtiliWorks strives to integrate the new technology into your business processes as seamlessly as possible. We emphasize early on that BPR is an essential component to capture the ROI of your technology initiative. Leveraging our experience in performing BPR, we prepare your team to begin at full speed right at “Go-live.” Our BPR experts conduct a series of workshops with your subject matter experts (SMEs), produce comprehensive documentation of the current and future processes, and deliver user training. The BPR effort runs parallel to the technology deployment. We pay a return visit once your team has settled into the new technology, to conduct a process audit where we identify concerns and areas of improvement.

business-process-reengineeringDocumenting business processes is a valuable effort that most utilities don’t have the time or resources to address.  Our comprehensive approach to business process re-engineering adds value to any technology project.

Current State Business Process Mapping

If you clearly understand the operational and organizational characteristics of the affected business processes, you are best equipped to incorporate new technology and engineer the future design. The first step in this process is to interview your respective SMEs, to understand and document the current state business processes that are subject to change. This is achieved through a series of workshops that we conduct onsite in order to capture as much detail as possible. We document our findings and deliver them to you for review and approval.

Future State Business Process Design

Once you have signed off on the current state, we turn to the design of the future state. Our team incorporates information derived from the workshops, current state documentation and our first-hand experience to develop a future state process document for each business process. Each workshop will include users, supervisors and managers to provide input and help shape the process going forward. The workshop will identify a variety of issues and questions to ad dress, as well as memorialize your team’s decisions. We document our findings and coordinate with your SMEs until you are satisfied with the results.

Business Process Training

We equip your team with the tools and understanding to successfully utilize any new technology system. The primary goal of our business process training program is to ensure alignment of the user community with the newly designed business processes. Our team conducts onsite training for all users on each business process in order to proactively address your questions. We also deliver to you the supporting training documentation that we developed in collaboration with your team, which serves as a reference for new and existing staff.


After your team has spent a few months “hands-on” with the new technology, our team will return onsite to audit users on each business process. We believe this is a crucial step in order to verify each process is being performed as designed. We sit with each team member and walk through a series of test scripts to identify potential issues and areas for improvement. The results are documented in an audit summary report detailing the team performance by business process.