If it is procurement support you need, our team at UtiliWorks has the expertise to develop your RFP and execute a vendor contract within a time frame that meets your needs.

“UtiliWorks continues to demonstrate a solid understanding of the challenges and nuances of implementing AMI solutions by providing valuable advice as it relates to resource and integration requirements.”

– Dennis Pimentel, VP of Energy Delivery, Bermuda Electric Light Company

Given our decade in the utility sector, we have first-hand knowledge of the systems and software and, more importantly, the cost profile of new technology, as they relate to you. We leverage our robust vendor-pricing database to help you select the best-fit technology. We help you to secure vendors that are the right fit for your utility and, ultimately, save time and money.


Our approach to the procurement of technology is premised on the need to identify tight, detailed requirements. We cannot overstate the need for this initial step – yet it is often overlooked. We have developed a tested approach to effectively capture your utility’s requirements. Our experts hold workshops and conduct interviews with the project stakeholders to develop specifications based on your business goals and objectives. We conduct a deep dive into these critical topics:

  • Procurement Requirements – What are the rules your utility must follow?
  • Business Requirements – What challenges/problems must you solve?
  • Functional Requirements – What do you want this new technology to do?
  • Integration Requirements – How do you want this new technology to interface with other systems?

RFP Development

Based on the requirements and functional specifications we identify and prioritize with your team, we then draft the RFP on your behalf. This comprehensive document provides the vendor community with the essential information to prepare a robust response. The Scope of Work (SOW) that we develop together is incorporated into your standard RFP contract template. We then review the document and all supporting data with your team (including purchasing and legal) to ensure that we have accurately captured your requirements. We also pre-qualify vendors prior to publication in order to narrow the number of responses to those that can truly offer a preferred solution.

“UtiliWorks was a great consultant for Orangeburg DPU. Their experience with AMI and Meter Data Management Systems was outstanding.”

— John Bagwell, Orangeburg Department of Public Utilities

RFP Management

Once you have approved the final document, our team manages the publication of your RFP from start to finish. On average, we recommend that the RFP response period last a minimum of six (6) weeks so that the vendor community has ample time to prepare thorough, thoughtful responses. Among the many tasks that we manage on your behalf once the RFP is released are: advertising the RFP; setting the agenda and leading the pre-proposal meeting; receiving and responding to vendor questions; and publishing any necessary addenda. We also collaborate with you to plan and prepare for the work in upcoming phases including, but not limited to, the evaluation process and criteria, reference checks and vendor-contracting tasks.

Response Evaluation

As the responses are received, our team of experts immediately starts the evaluation process alongside your designated evaluation committee. We know that evaluating multiple RFP responses can be complex and time-consuming, especially when it comes to analyzing cost. When lining up the cost proposals side-by-side, it is common to discover that each vendor quote differs in some fashion, making it difficult to perform an apples-to-apples comparison. We minimize this challenge with how we structure the RFP and our analytical approach to cost-normalization. With each procurement effort, we have refined our cost template included in the RFP package, driving each vendor to
common-cost breakdowns.


Our vendor evaluations incorporate the information that is most important to your stakeholders, and assigns a numerical value, making vendor selection a straightforward process.

Vendor Contracting

Once you have selected a vendor, our team provides guidance and support during contract negotiations. Our experts review and provide editorial for the proposed SOW, determine whether it is in compliance with your technical requirements and negotiate terms that are as favorable as possible to your utility. We cannot overemphasize the need to memorialize the critical details in the contract underlying the system or services the vendor offers. We work with you and the vendor to identify and document very specific systems-acceptance criteria, along with the detailing the rights and responsibilities of all parties to the contract.