For Utility Self-Assessments – Use the Right Tool

UtiliWorks Insight is a performance improvement tool for water and electric utilities. Insight utilizes web-based technology and a set of established industry best practices to assist the utility in learning about their current reality related to infrastructure, processes and behaviors.

Designed by UtiliWorks Consulting, UtiliWorks Insight integrates over 20 years of industry knowledge and management expertise. Insight operates on the Neurametrics platform – a powerful analysis and data presentation engine.

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To Find the Answers You Need – Ask the Right Questions

UtiliWorks Insight reveals behavioral data from the web-based surveys that are taken by an audience of executives, managers, front line personnel and customers. The surveys are recorded anonymously to encourage honest and accurate responses.


A unique software engine is used to interpret and present the data from the survey results using an array of user-friendly charts, graphs and other forums. UtiliWorks Insight allows utilities to:

  • Evaluate performance
  • Determine improvement opportunities
  • Identify long-term business risks
  • Understand specific performance gaps
  • Recognize workforce productivity based on direct employee input