AMI Administration

Oversight and maintenance of your Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system is critical. It ensures the integrity and utilization of valuable metering data not only for AMI, but for important systems such as the Billing/ Customer Information System and Meter Data Management System (MDMS) as well. Monitoring, responding to and partitioning information and reports from the AMI headend software need to be done on a daily basis.

For utilities that have deployed or are in the process of implementing an AMI solution, UtiliWorks can provide staff augmentation to manage the AMI headend system. Our seasoned AMI and MDMS experts are knowledgeable of the major vendor software platforms and can jump right into managing these complex solutions on your behalf. We understand that identifying, training and recruiting personnel for these skilled positions can be challenging and sometimes unfeasible.

Example AMI Administration Daily Activities:

  • Investigate alerts and events such as open outages, tampers, reverse rotation, backflow, phase errors, leak, etc.

  • Check network infrastructure equipment status in the AMI headend system

  • Review the percentage of billable reads and interval reads received every day and compare with the service level agreement

  • Configure meters to the appropriate configuration group in the AMI headend system

  • Issue or relay service orders as required for field investigation

  • Identify remote action failures such as demand reset and remote connect/ disconnect

  • Cross-reference the AMI headend system, MDMS, work order management system and other systems as required

  • Coordination and communication with various departments in the utility as needed