Stakeholder Awareness & Education

Example Awareness and Education Materials

Example Awareness and Education Materials

The key to the success of your utility’s technology program is a well-developed and executed stakeholder awareness and education campaign. UtiliWorks has the know-how to make your public relations program a success with customers and employees alike. Our team will walk you through the essential elements to build the program, using language that resonates with your stakeholders. We also work with you to assist in branding the program—exploring clever, creative ways to bring the program to market.

The stakeholder awareness and education campaign involves internal resources, customers and other external personnel. UtiliWorks will successfully lead the development of this plan for you, involving all necessary stakeholders for your utility’s project.

The plan that we develop together will drive messaging in several forms (brochures, website announcements, bill notices, advertising, press releases, social media, etc.), and will occur at strategic points during the process. UtiliWorks will work with you to use multiple communications channels to maximize your audience’s reception of the information. Our team will help you identify the best modes of communication for the intended audience, and will schedule the distribution of the materials.

Although customer education is important, internal education is just as critical. Our team will assist you in the generation and delivery of information to your internal stakeholders. A key take-away from the customer education program is to make sure all customer-facing staff is able to communicate the benefits of the program, and are consistent in how they answer customer questions.

UtiliWorks has extensive experience planning and implementing education and public awareness programs for AMI, prepay, customer portals and various other technology programs. We are confident that we can promote public and utility-wide awareness of, and confidence in, your utility’s technology initiative.