Deployment Strategy & Field Services

Many smart utilities project, such as AMI, Are a large undertaking that requires significant capital investment. It is imperative that the meter population and network equipment are deployed properly for the utility to realize the full benefits of the technology. UtiliWorks provides utilities with project management and field deployment services in order to maximize this investment.

Our Field Service Division has experience working with all of the major water, gas and electric meter manufacturers and network providers.


Third-Party Installation

Many utilities do not have available personnel to provide the necessary field services oversight during the meter deployment phase of a project. In these cases, UtiliWorks can manage the project by regulating a wide scope of activities ranging from product acquisition and cost management to monitoring timelines. Our experienced staff will ensure exceptional quality during deployments. This includes verification that all meters are installed per the manufacturer’s specification and programmed according to the utility’s configuration. UtiliWorks works closely with the installation contractor to ensure the approved work processes are being followed according to the utility’s safety and communications standards, while upholding the utility’s image.

  • Field Audits – UWC performs field quality checks on installation of the equipment.  We select a sample, check for leaks and unsafe conditions then verify that the site is left clean.

  • Data Quality Audits – UWC utilizes the Work Order Management System (WOMS) portal to check the quality of the data recorded by the installer. We expect clear pictures of the old meter, the new meter and all serial numbers to guarantee the correct data has been captured.

  • Network Deployment – UWC works with the network equipment installers to verify the equipment, and the manner in which it is secured is acceptable. If a licensing agreement is required, we can guide the documentation process.

  • Test Bench Design – UWC designs test benches to simulate consumption and meter events in a controlled environment, whether the commodity is gas, water, electric, or a combination.

  • Troubleshooting – UWC collaborates with the utility and the AMI vendor to troubleshoot and resolve any coverage issues. We also support utility staff as it addresses meter issues during deployment.


For utilities seeking to self-deploy, UtiliWorks can provide turn-key deployment project management services. This alternative includes complete oversight of the deployment from inventory control to field quality audits, and all tasks in between. These services are scalable to fit the needs of the utility and its staffing levels.

  • Network equipment location surveys – UWC performs site surveys to determine the feasibility of installing network routers, collectors, etc.

  • Network equipment deployment – UWC provides installation crews that perform network equipment installation with the highest quality and safety measures.

  • Network equipment installation certification – UWC oversees certification services to ensure customer deployed equipment is installed to the manufacture’s specifications.

  • System Operators – UWC offers temporary system operators to meet staffing limitations and provide on-the-job training to personnel selected to subsequently fill the roles.

  • WOMS – UWC provides the work order software and associated equipment.  

  • Training – UWC facilitates AMI job training for field personnel. We conduct both classroom and field training for installers on handhelds, WOMS and installation techniques.