UtiliWorks Managing Director in Forbes Discussing Energy Storage

Dale Pennington was recently quoted as an industry authority in an article titled “Utilities: Is Tesla Friend or Foe”. The article discusses what the growth of companies like Tesla mean for consumer’s ability to store energy, and the implications this will have for utilities. Mr. Pennington is quoted as saying that with capabilities in power storage, we can expect a “huge change” in energy costs and benefits, and that will “change our whole view of energy as a commodity”.

‘If I take my energy storage disruptor device,’ Pennington said, speaking as a consumer, ‘I’m going to start buying all my power when it’s cheaper, and I’m going to redeploy it during the day when it’s expensive, and I’m going to do that myself. I don’t need you, Mr. Utility, to tell me what I can do. I can do it myself.’
— Utilities: Is Tesla Friend or Foe?

The entire article can be viewed on the Forbes website, here.