Our Clients


Over the past 15 years, UtiliWorks has worked across the United States and abroad, and continues to grow its international footprint. This map gives some indication of the breadth of our experience, and speaks to UtiliWorks’ ability to provide benefits for our clients regardless of their geography or topology. Our recommendations are informed by a detailed review of your service area and unique characteristics.



Our projects were high-cost investments that would literally be impacting every home/business for decades to come. UtiliWorks helped ensure our investment provided the intended outcome.
— Chris Garner, Long Beach Water Department
UtiliWorks personnel are very easy to work with, knowledgeable in subject matter, and helped keep our project on track.
— Eddy Hernandez, Brownsville Public Utilities Board, Brownsville, TX
UtiliWorks continues to demonstrate a solid understanding of the challenges and nuances of implementing AMI solutions by providing valuable advice as it relates to resource and integration requirements.
— Dennis Pimentel, VP of Energy Delivery, Bermuda Electric Light Company
UtiliWorks provided highly valuable insight in assisting the City avoid pitfalls many utilities encounter in undertaking AMI projects for a successful project.
— Tony Foster, City of Long Beach, CA
UtiliWorks is a perfect fit for a successful project.
— Clint Whitney, City of Richland, WA
UtiliWorks was instrumental in keeping all areas on track and on time throughout the three-year process…With the assistance of UtiliWorks, we have streamlined our office practices and implemented a pre-pay program to bring our service offerings into the modern era and provide the type of information today’s customers demand.
— Darrel Caraway, Public Utility Manger, City of Ruston, LA
UtiliWorks’ communications and public relations expertise was invaluable in our planning efforts. Our project communication plan has been greatly enriched by our collaboration with them.
— Jennifer Tavaglione, Sr. Project Manager, Riverside Public Utilities
UtiliWorks was a great consultant for Orangeburg DPU. Their experience with AMI and Meter Data Management Systems was outstanding.
— John Bagwell, Orangeburg Department of Public Utilities