Program Management

Utility technology programs often involve multiple vendors with several moving parts. UtiliWorks Consulting has the program management expertise to manage all of these variables. By combining our team’s wealth of industry knowledge and Project Management Institute approaches, we will reduce your organization’s overall program risk. UtiliWorks provides your utility with structured Program Management to ensure that all of your project components are executed in an organized fashion. Our ultimate goal is to deliver you a quality project on time and on budget.


Our seasoned Program Managers work with your team to develop a detailed project plan, which is used to guide and control all tasks and services associated with the project. The project plan identifies each individual task via a detailed work breakdown structure that includes the level of effort required to complete tasks, a timeline for completion of tasks, dependencies (predecessor and successor relationships), responsible party (vendor, client, etc.) and the current status of each task.


With UtiliWorks in charge of daily vendor management, we lessen the burden on your organization and free up your resources. As the overall Project Manager, UtiliWorks is responsible for bridging the communication between vendor and you, our utility client.


Another key duty as your Program Manager is to create and maintain open communications among all stakeholders and vendors. Your UtiliWorks Project Manager will lead formal, re-occurring status meetings with the core team members to ensure that the project tracks to the milestones set forth in the project plan. Additionally, we are in constant communication with various project participants, following up on action items and work products, and fielding questions on a daily basis.

We utilize several administrative tools to communicate program status. These include Microsoft Project, Microsoft SharePoint (a shared Web-based calendar tasks and file access platform) and GoToMeeting (a Web-based meeting platform). These tools assist us in initiating and tracking projects, capturing data, storing and sharing project documents, maintaining schedules, scheduling events, reporting results and publishing documentation related to each project and task.