The UTiliWorks Advantage

In order to effectively deploy complex technology, UtiliWorks has developed a proven delivery mechanism for these complex implementations called the UtiliWorks Advantage™. We specifically designed this approach to clearly identify the project steps and highlight the inherent dependencies between technology and business process.

The UtiliWorks Advantage™ is a series of project tasks and collaborative client activities that will lower project risk and bring maximum benefit to your smart utility or smart city project.

  • Assess – needs assessment, cost estimate, project schedule, and core value propositions.

  • Design – development of technical specifications and associated business processes.

  • Procure – develop formal requests, evaluates proposals, and supports client contract negotiations. UtiliWorks has no vendor affiliations.

  • Develop – plan and coordinate pre-installation activities for all involved parties.

  • Install – implementation activities including scheduling, reporting, training, and acceptance testing.

  • Support – customization of reports, alarms, and business processes.

  • Stakeholder Awareness and Education – communications strategy, vision and objectives.